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Tax relief companies help negotiate a settlement with the IRS if you owe more taxes than you can afford to pay. Tax resolution professionals also assist with canceling penalties and interest, setting up a payment plan and reducing the amount owed. Our partners at We researched the best tax relief companies in Bakersfield to help resolve your tax debt.

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Anthem Tax Services
Overall satisfaction rating
  • $10,000+ tax debt required
  • Helps with lien or wage garnishments
  • IRS audit defense
  • Free confidential case review

Free confidential case review!

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Community Tax
Overall satisfaction rating
  • $10,000+ tax debt required
  • IRS-approved continuing education provider
  • Two-phase approach to investigating client's situation
  • Offer in Compromise, tax extensions & negotiation

Community Tax has been in business since 2010. The company employs tax attorneys and bankers who specialize in financial assistance with a focus on resolving tax issues.

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Larson Tax Relief
Overall satisfaction rating
  • $20,000+ tax debt required
  • Specalizes in emergency & long-term tax relief
  • Free evaluation
  • 15-day money-back guarantee

Founded in 2005, Larson Tax Relief represents clients in all 50 states. It specializes in IRS and state tax representation.

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J. David Tax Law
Overall satisfaction rating
  • $10,000+ tax debt required
  • Tax relief for businesses & individuals
  • Free consultation
  • Custom solutions for your tax debt

J. David Tax Law dedicates itself to providing consumers workable and affordable solutions for tax issues.

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Victory Tax Lawyers
Overall satisfaction rating
  • $20,000+ tax debt required
  • All attorneys have 5+ years of tax experience
  • Free attorney consultation
  • Works on flat-fee basis

Victory Tax Lawyers specializes in tax controversy, resolution and litigation for corporations and individuals. It only employs attorneys with at least five years of experience handling federal and state tax situations.

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Fortress Financial Services, Inc.
Overall satisfaction rating
  • $10,000+ tax debt required
  • Every case handled by a licensed attorney
  • Tax relief from IRS and any state tax authority
  • Offer in Compromise, penalty abatement, installment agreements

Fortress Financial Services offers tax resolution solutions to protect your assets. It helps consumers identify a solution that requires the lowest repayment or settlement amount.

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Instant Tax Solutions
Overall satisfaction rating
  • $20,000+ tax debt required
  • Free initial consultation & financial analysis
  • Tax attorneys, CPAs & enrolled agents on staff
  • BBB A+ rating

Instant Tax Solutions is a tax relief company founded in 2009. It offers a variety of tax relief services for consumers in every state.

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The Tax Resolvers
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Free consultations
  • A+ BBB Accredited Business
  • Helps clients with at least $10,000 in debt
  • Services include, consulting, preparation, settlement & negotiation

Tax Resolvers works with tax professionals to help consumers resolve tax-related issues by negotiating lower fees and penalties.

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Wall & Associates
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Open 24 hours
  • wallandassociates.net

Wall & Associates offers nationwide federal and state tax relief services for individuals or small businesses struggling with tax issues.

Serves residents in
Bakersfield, CA
Attorney's Tax Relief
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Lawyers based in Chicago serve clients nationwide
  • IRS business defense, installment agreements, tax fraud
  • Highest Offer in Compromise rate in nation
  • $10,000+ tax debt required

Attorney’s Tax Relief’s services are available in all 50 states. It specializes in resolving IRS tax debt.

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How to get tax debt relief in Bakersfield

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Common tax issues include:

  • Debt from back taxes
  • Audits
  • Bank levies
  • Wage garnishments
  • Unfiled or missing tax returns
  • Asset seizures
  • Form 1040 or 1099 disputes
  • Collections

If you are facing any of these issues, tax relief is available, but only the IRS can determine if you are eligible for tax debt relief programs. Luckily, tax relief companies guide you through the process and help you negotiate with the government.

Tax debt relief programs in Bakersfield include payment plans; interest or penalty abatement; and an Offer in Compromise that settles the debt for less than you owed. While the IRS only approves the OIC in certain cases, tax relief companies can help navigate this and other tax debt forgiveness programs.

How much does tax relief cost in Bakersfield?

The cost of tax relief in Bakersfield depends on the complexity of the case and the debt amount, but it usually costs between $2,000 and $5,000. Many tax relief companies only work with a minimum tax debt of $10,000. The tax relief company’s contract should clearly state the fee structure and they will charge you.

Contracts might charge based on a lump sum, time or a percentage of your tax debt. Tax attorneys typically charge a retainer fee or bill in increments of time spent researching and working on your case. Ask about rates for all the employees working on your case. In general, complex cases require more time and, thus, cost more.

Tax relief takes anywhere from one week to six months. The complexity of the case and how much you owe can affect the timeline. Before hiring a tax relief company, ask for an estimate of how long the process will take.

Finding legitimate tax relief in Bakersfield

If you’re seeking tax debt relief in Bakersfield, check that potential tax relief companies meet certain qualifications. Only specific tax professionals are qualified to represent you before the IRS:

  • Attorneys
  • Certified Public Accountants
  • Enrolled agents (federally authorized tax practitioners)

Ask the tax debt relief company if it has staff with these qualifications and what their names are. Attorneys practicing tax debt relief in Bakersfield must have licenses with the California State Bar Association. Bakersfield residents can also check CPA licenses and verify the status of enrolled agents.

Beware of companies that ask for upfront fees or guarantee that they can reduce your debt without researching your case first. Make sure the company is not asking you to surrender your assets or savings to them in return for IRS relief programs. Also, watch out for companies that pay their agents on commission.

Ask about potential refunds if the company is unable to complete any type of tax resolution for you, and make sure you understand its cancellation fees and policies. Finally, read tax debt relief company reviews to learn about other customer experiences before signing a contract.

Tax Relief Reviews

Anthem Tax Services

Anthem Tax Services provides tax relief nationwide. Bakersfield residents can call for a free consultation. Its practitioners are all enrolled agents with the IRS, and customers say that the company went to bat for them and helped ease anxiety about their tax issues.

Anthem Tax Services Learn More

Community Tax

Community Tax offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee and services in Spanish. The firm employs attorneys, CPAs and enrolled agents. Reviewers like the clear communication throughout the tax relief process and the knowledgeable agents who negotiated on their behalf.

Community Tax Learn More

Larson Tax Relief

Larson Tax Relief is a Colorado company founded by two brothers with 20 enrolled agents on staff. Agents are on commission, but most reviewers like the friendly and effective service.

Larson Tax Relief Learn More

J. David Tax Law

Experienced tax lawyers at J. David Tax Law work with tax debts of more than $10,000. This firm can customize solutions to your unpaid taxes, unfiled taxes, tax liens, tax audits, bank levies and wage garnishments. Their quick application process makes it easy to see if you qualify.

J. David Tax Law Learn More (844) 657-8885

Victory Tax Lawyers

The attorneys at Victory Tax Lawyers are all in Los Angeles. The company provides reliable help with liens, levies, debts and unfiled tax returns. Bakersfield customers can call for a free consultation. Reviewers appreciate the firm’s professionalism and like the all-attorney staff.

Victory Tax Lawyers Learn More

Fortress Financial Services, Inc.

Unlike local lawyers or CPAs, Fortress Financial’s tax attorneys specialize in back taxes relief. A licensed lawyer will handle your case. Based in Oregon, Fortress Financial helps clients from all states with Offer in Compromise and many other tax resolution services with the IRS and state tax agencies.

Fortress Financial Services, Inc. Learn More

Instant Tax Solutions

Licensed in all 50 states, Instant Tax Solutions offers one flat-rate fee and flexible payment arrangements. The firm receives high ratings for responsive agents and successful debt reduction. Some clients even note results in less time than originally estimated.

Instant Tax Solutions Learn More

Attorney's Tax Relief

These tax attorneys based in Chicago serve clients nationwide. Attorneys Tax Relief boasts the highest Offer in Compromise acceptance rate and free consultations. The company helps individuals and businesses facing an IRS investigation and promises aggressive defense no matter what state a client is in.

Attorney's Tax Relief