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Stair lifts help people with reduced mobility navigate staircases safely. Our partners at We researched the best stair lifts in Bakersfield to help find the right stair chair lift for you or a loved one.

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    Bruno Independent Living Aids
    Overall satisfaction rating
    • Family owned
    • Indoor & outdoor stair lifts
    • Made in the USA
    • Hand-crafted with care for performance & dependability

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    Services available in
    Bakersfield, CA
    (800) 454-4355
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    Stannah Stairlifts
    Overall satisfaction rating
    • High-value stair lifts with cost-conscious options
    • Serving customers for over 150 years.
    • Customizable models
    • Straight, curved & outdoor stair lifts

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    Services available in
    Bakersfield, CA
    (888) 542-1127
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    Overall satisfaction rating
    • Lifts for any need
    • Various models available
    • Outdoor straight & curved stair lifts
    • Ceiling lift installation

    Handicare has healthcare roots going back to the 19th century and has been installing stairlifts since the early 1960s. The company now works with 1300 partners and dealers around the world, about half of which operate in the United States and Canada. Their products provide safe and reliable ways for individuals with physical challenges to get up and down stairs.

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    Look Stairchairs
    • lookstairlifts.com
    4565 E. Industrial St., Ste. 7H
    Simi Valley, CA 93063
    (866) 782-4791
    • M-Sun: 8am - 9pm
    • ameriglide-bakersfield-ca.com
    Serving residents in
    Bakersfield, CA
    (800) 580-0831
    Cain's Mobility
    • M-Sat: 7am - 7pm
    • Closed Sun
    • california.cainsmobility.com
    2001 Westwind Dr., Ste. 15
    Bakersfield, CA 93201
    (234) 203-5333
    T.L. Shield & Associates
    • tlshield.com
    P.O. Box 6845
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
    (800) 954-3887
    Arrow Lift
    • arrowlift.com
    28631 Canwood St., Ste. D1
    Agoura Hills, CA 91301
    (805) 399-2001
    Bakersfield Stairlifts
    • M-Sun: 8am - 10pm
    • bakersfieldstairlifts.com
    Serving residents in
    Bakersfield, CA
    (661) 381-1905
    Acorn Stairlifts
    • M-F: 9am - 6pm
    • Sat: 9am - 4pm
    • Closed Sun
    • acornstairlifts.com
    Serving residents in
    Bakersfield, CA
    (866) 482-5805
    Easy Climber
    • easyclimber.com
    Serving residents in
    Bakersfield, CA
    (800) 814-3574

    Benefits of stair chair lifts in Bakersfield


    For people with reduced mobility, stair chair lifts help sustain a degree of independence in the home. Seniors and people with disabilities, especially those who live alone, should consider installing a stair chair lift to reduce the risk of falls. Stair chair lifts are particularly beneficial to people living in 55-plus age group communities in Bakersfield, like Highgate Regents at Seven Oaks, Brighton Parks and Kern City.

    How to choose stair lifts in Bakersfield

    The two main factors for picking a stair lift in Bakersfield are the shape of your staircase and the mobility of the rider.

    Description Stair lift cost
    Straight stair lift
    • Simple
    • Cheap
    • Easy to install
    Curved stair lift
    • Custom made
    • Track pivots around landing or curved staircase
    • Professional installation required
    Seated stair lift
    • Seated rider position
    • Standard on most lifts
    Depends on staircase shape
    Standing stair lift
    • The seat is at an angle, so the user does not need to sit down fully
    • Better for riders with bad knees and hips
    Depends on staircase shape

    Stair chair lifts typically come with seatbelts, footrests and armrests, but some models have features such as remote control footrests and safety sensors that stop the lift gently if something is obstructing its path. Look for stair chair lifts with a battery backup that allows the chair to operate in a power outage.

    On some models, you get to select materials and fabric for the stair lift chair to match your home. Companies also offer stair chair lifts that turn at the end of the stairs to let you off without you having to turn your body and outdoor stair lifts that operate on exterior stairways. High-end models even have an elevating seat that assists you in sitting and standing.

    Consider the following questions as you search for the right stair chair lift:

    • Does the price include stair lift installation costs?
    • Who repairs the unit if it malfunctions, and who pays for those repairs?
    • Is there a warranty on parts and labor?
    • Is there a tutorial on how to use the device safely?
    • How much does the stair chair lift cost to run?
    • Does the unit attach to the stairs or wall?
    • Are additional features or customization options available?

    How much does a stair lift cost in Bakersfield?

    Stair lift costs range from $2,000-$10,000 in Bakersfield. Track length, staircase shape, chair dimensions and optional features all affect this price. For instance, a curved stair chair lift costs more due to the longer track and custom dimensions, and features like a remote control, elevating seat, weather resistant cover and push-button footrest add to the cost as well.

    Manufacturers typically include installation cost in the price of a home stair chair lift, but check to be sure. Your stair chair lift requires a nearby outlet, so make sure your home has one. If you don’t have an outlet near the stairs, hire a licensed electrician in Bakersfield to add one.

    Does medicare cover stair lifts?

    Medicare does not cover stair chair lifts, but Medicare Advantage plans might cover a portion of the cost. If you are an AARP member, check for any affiliations with companies that offer discounts.

    Veterans in Bakersfield who cannot use the stairs due to service-related injuries can get an evaluation from the Department of Veterans Affairs to qualify for coverage. Through the Veteran Directed Care Program, veterans also get financial assistance for improvements to their homes that help them remain at home instead of moving to assisted living facilities.

    Stair Lift Reviews

    Bruno Independent Living Aids

    Bruno Independent Living Aids makes homes, vehicles and businesses accommodating for people with reduced mobility. Bruno has accreditation from the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association, and its stair chair lifts come with a limited lifetime warranty. Clients give high marks for sturdy equipment, friendly service representatives and decent prices.

    Bruno Independent Living Aids

    Stannah Stairlifts

    Stannah Stairlifts makes curved, straight, outdoor, seated and standing stair lift models. Stannah technicians also provide free estimates for clients in Bakersfield. Customers like that the company offers used models at lower prices, and reviewers with mobility issues appreciated the professional installation and found the lifts helpful and easy to operate.

    Stannah Stairlifts


    Handicare offers straight, curved and outdoor stair chair lifts with a lifetime warranty. Handicare stair chair lifts come with keys to prevent unauthorized use, and the company also makes the stair chair lift with the highest weight rating on the market. Reviewers consistently give five stars for overall quality and skilled technicians who explain features and operation to customers.

    Handicare Learn More (888) 981-0267